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Karyn was absolutely amazing. She truly puts your needs first and makes sure that the decor and bouquets are above and beyond what you had even imagined. I can’t say enough how amazing it was to work with her. My bouquet was one of the most gorgeous flower arrangements I have ever seen (and I am an event planner so I have seen a lot), she recreated the center pieces to make them exactly what I imagined they would be for my wedding and was there assisting with last minute details and executed everything perfectly. I can’t say enough about how amazing this experience was. Normally wedding planning is stressful and overwhelming to try and get everything just as you imagined but Karyn took information from our initial meeting and turned it into exactly what I wanted. There was no stress. I highly recommend her to anyone!

Wedding: 01/25/2014

Blooming Grace is wonderful! They are very reliable and really made my vision come to life! The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and the initial meeting really made me feel confident that Karyn would do an amazing job. She went above and beyond!

Wedding: 10/12/2013
Karyn did a wonderful job picking out the flowers for my wedding ceremony. I talked to her and it gave her an idea of what I wanted for my ceremony. From my bouquet to the flowers in the ceremony, it was beautiful! She has a talent to both listening to what the customer wants and being creative.
Wedding: 07/26/2013

Absolutely beautiful flowers. Everything was perfect. Thank you so much!!!

Wedding: 06/22/2013


When i saw the flowers at the wedding, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My jaw dropped from the exquisite beauty and the expertise of placement. This is Karyn’s true calling.

Wedding: 05/22/2013

I loved every single flower arrangement, so beautiful!

Wedding: Recently Married

My wedding flowers where amazing and lasted well after the wedding.

Wedding: 05/20/2013

Fantastic service! BEAUTIFUL bouquet! I would order it all over again!

Wedding: 02/24/2013

Very beautiful and fresh flowers! Good design and romantics!

Wedding: 02/18/2013
(This was a destination wedding couple)

Karyn was very helpful in every aspect!! We didn’t meet until the day of the wedding, we FULLY communicated over the phone and when my wife and I arrived, EVERYTHING was perfect!! We had all our flowers, bouquets, and every mounted flower arrangement was beautiful!! I HIGHLY recommend Karyn and blooming grace to anyone!! Too happy we went with blooming grace!!

Wedding: 01/14/2013

Found this company a delight to work with and would use them again for ANY function that called for their expertise. Can’t say enough about their going above and beyond to make our wedding day fabulous!

Wedding: 11/25/2012

The flowers were so beautiful! Everything from the flowers to the exquisite artistic embellishments were more than what I could have imagined. Every detail was added that I had requested. They were more than bouquets, they were beautiful pieces of art. I can’t thank Karyn enough!

Wedding: 10/11/2012

Karyn, My daughter’s wedding was amazing, the flower’s were so beautiful! something we will never forget.Thank you for all your hard work and you were a joy to work with.

Wedding 10/19/2012

Blooming Grace did a wonderful job on my daughter’s wedding! Karyn was very professional and she worked within our budget, and to top it off the flower’ s and all the extra touches were just gorgeous!

Wedding: 09/01/2012

The flowers came out more beautiful than we had hoped. We we’re truly amazed!

Wedding: 05/20/2012
Not only was our wedding beautifully arranged, but it was accomplished just days before Valentines. Karen was extremely professional and turned our wedding into everything we wanted. She is full of great suggestions and helped us keep our floral costs within our budget. Our vision in the floral arrangements was met in every detail.
Wedding: 2+ years ago



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“What can we arrange for you?”


Fresh Flowers for Office Hours!

Yes we do this too!

Fresh  flowers for local delivery on a weekly basis.

Or we can custom make a beautiful permanent botanical especially designed to coordinate with your office colors, theme, and season.


Got flowers?…Wedding flowers where to start

You’re getting married? Congratulations!! Okay you’ve got the most amazing guy, got the location, got the dress—Got Wedding Flowers? Where do you go? Where do you start? What do you choose???

It s okay just– breathe.

Yes there are a lot of details to a wedding but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Weddings tend to take on a life of their own but only if you let it. Keep it in your comfort zone; this is a special day between you and the special someone you love. Keep the stress to a minimal and you will enjoy this day so much more.

Imagine finding just the right style, color, and design of a wedding bouquet that will accent your wedding gown perfectly.

That’s right we are going to start this whole flower thing with you and your bouquet.

Let’s start with what it is that you want to carry. This will represent you, your unique spark, and your specialness. This will be the crown jewel to your dress and will set the feel and tone for your wedding décor, not to mention it will be seen forever and ever in your wedding photos.

So let’s put a little thought into this and the rest of the flower stuff will flow out of this.

Start thinking of flowers that you like. Write them down or tear pictures of them from your bridal magazines. Start a folder of flower ideas, colors, and shapes. This will help your florist visualize what your ideal is.

It may seem overwhelming but hang in there it always comes together. What are the colors of the bridesmaids dresses?

Think about your overall wedding color theme and their dresses, what color would be the right complement for them? You usually don’t want the same color flower as the dress because it will visually blend in and you won’t see them especially in photographs, the bouquets will disappear. So try to find a suitable contrasting color, or a color that is lighter or darker than the dresses, that will coordinate well with.

Think of what bouquet shape will complement your wedding dress.

There are so many styles to choose from, below are just a few,there are more on the Bouquet Design page on

Hand Tied Bouquets are the most versatile design; they can be used for a formal wedding or a casual one. The hand tied bouquet accents beautifully any dress and anybody. They are usually bound with ribbon with the stems showing.

The Traditional Cascade Bouquet design is a more formal type of style it goes wonderfully with dresses that have more material or a longer train. The form of a cascade bouquet is like the flowers are flowing from your hands like a waterfall. The flowers are usually wired and taped to create this design. They can be quite stunning. The Cascading Drop Design is more contemporary. This style has flowers on natural stems extending from a central point.

The Round Bouquet is a classical design that has been around for centuries. The style is round with the flowers arranged tightly and in mass or loosely for a more casual look. Usually made in a bouquet holder or the stems will be completely wrapped.

The Composite Bouquet is a bouquet where the focal flower or flowers are made from many of the same flower to create a larger version of the single flower. Best flowers to use are Roses, Orchids, Protea, Gladiolas, Calla Lily and Lilies.

The Arm Bouquet is a collection of long stems arranged in way that shows the beauty of the flowers and the length of their stems. The stems are usually bound with a simple ribbon. This bouquet is carried in the fold of your arm. This design compliments simple contemporary wedding gowns.

To see more ideas and get more information check us out at

Happy Wedding Planning!

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Round Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet
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Welcome to our site! 

Blooming Grace is a floral design studio located in Vista, California.

Our talented staff creates amazing floral works of art for almost any occasion.

Our studio specializes in award winning, people pleasing flower designs for weddings, corporate events, special occasions, and custom memorial pieces.

We serve San Diego, Orange, and Parts of Riverside Counties.

Our experience in weddings and events spans over 20 years.

Our team offers professional service along with a product that exceeds expectation.

Our lead designer was awarded San Diego #1 Floral Designer for 2014 and Top Ten Floral Designer for 10 years previously plus a People’s Choice Award Winner Twice!

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