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Succulents in Wedding flowers, great choice.


Succulents in any form have been in my work for the past 20 years. Here in Southern California they grow very well in the garden so they are  fairly easy to come by.

I love the forms of succulents, the roundness and the many varying textures and colors, they are so intriguing and interesting.

They are also a green alternative to flowers. Once the event is over these succulents can be replanted and be a wonderful reminder of your wedding day or special occasion.

Samples of Succulents and like plants from my garden:




Availability: Available year round.

Characteristics: Succulents are any plants that have thick, strong, fibrous leaves and stems designed to store water indefinitely and to distribute it when deprived of all other sources of water. Succulents that are prized as houseplants today once grew wild in arid regions where they were forced, due to ever-changing climate patterns, to adapt to having less water at their disposal.

Water: The fact that succulents retain water for longer periods of time than most other plants makes them popular as houseplants. In addition to not having to be watered often, succulents also do not need to be fertilized often. The nutrients they absorb with the water are not eliminated as quickly as with other plants. Keep the potting mix lightly moist spring through fall and water sparingly in winter. Water the potting mix and not the rosette because it can easily rot.

Propagation: Offsets can be cut off and potted in their own containers. Leaf cuttings can be propagated in spring and summer. Allow leaf to dry for 24 hours to stop the oozing of its sap. Push the cut end into moist potting mix. Do not cover the pot with plastic because succulents are likely to rot with excessive moisture. How to

Use in Floral Design: Once a succulent is cut, typically either mist them or soak them in water just to make sure they don’t dry out. Then wire or pick them depending on their application to the design. If left alone long enough the stems of the succulent will callus over and roots will begin to form. Once roots are visible they can be planted and will take on a whole new life of their own!

Care &Handling: Succulents can be grown either inside or outside but, like other plants, they need plenty of light. The amount of water required depends on many factors, like the type of container (terracotta dries out faster than other pots), the size of container, the height of container, time of year, position, heat, humidity etc. Most succulents are very hardy and, unlike many other plants, thrive on neglect (they require minimal care). If you are unsure as to how often to water them, leave it until the plant starts to shrivel slightly or go limp, then water well. Repeat this process.



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Weddings, Wedding VenuesBlooming Grace, Best Wedding Florists in San Diego - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner


Karyn was absolutely amazing. She truly puts your needs first and makes sure that the decor and bouquets are above and beyond what you had even imagined. I can’t say enough how amazing it was to work with her. My bouquet was one of the most gorgeous flower arrangements I have ever seen (and I am an event planner so I have seen a lot), she recreated the center pieces to make them exactly what I imagined they would be for my wedding and was there assisting with last minute details and executed everything perfectly. I can’t say enough about how amazing this experience was. Normally wedding planning is stressful and overwhelming to try and get everything just as you imagined but Karyn took information from our initial meeting and turned it into exactly what I wanted. There was no stress. I highly recommend her to anyone!

Wedding: 01/25/2014

Blooming Grace is wonderful! They are very reliable and really made my vision come to life! The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and the initial meeting really made me feel confident that Karyn would do an amazing job. She went above and beyond!

Wedding: 10/12/2013
Karyn did a wonderful job picking out the flowers for my wedding ceremony. I talked to her and it gave her an idea of what I wanted for my ceremony. From my bouquet to the flowers in the ceremony, it was beautiful! She has a talent to both listening to what the customer wants and being creative.
Wedding: 07/26/2013

Absolutely beautiful flowers. Everything was perfect. Thank you so much!!!

Wedding: 06/22/2013


When i saw the flowers at the wedding, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My jaw dropped from the exquisite beauty and the expertise of placement. This is Karyn’s true calling.

Wedding: 05/22/2013

I loved every single flower arrangement, so beautiful!

Wedding: Recently Married

My wedding flowers where amazing and lasted well after the wedding.

Wedding: 05/20/2013

Fantastic service! BEAUTIFUL bouquet! I would order it all over again!

Wedding: 02/24/2013

Very beautiful and fresh flowers! Good design and romantics!

Wedding: 02/18/2013
(This was a destination wedding couple)

Karyn was very helpful in every aspect!! We didn’t meet until the day of the wedding, we FULLY communicated over the phone and when my wife and I arrived, EVERYTHING was perfect!! We had all our flowers, bouquets, and every mounted flower arrangement was beautiful!! I HIGHLY recommend Karyn and blooming grace to anyone!! Too happy we went with blooming grace!!

Wedding: 01/14/2013

Found this company a delight to work with and would use them again for ANY function that called for their expertise. Can’t say enough about their going above and beyond to make our wedding day fabulous!

Wedding: 11/25/2012

The flowers were so beautiful! Everything from the flowers to the exquisite artistic embellishments were more than what I could have imagined. Every detail was added that I had requested. They were more than bouquets, they were beautiful pieces of art. I can’t thank Karyn enough!

Wedding: 10/11/2012

Karyn, My daughter’s wedding was amazing, the flower’s were so beautiful! something we will never forget.Thank you for all your hard work and you were a joy to work with.

Wedding 10/19/2012

Blooming Grace did a wonderful job on my daughter’s wedding! Karyn was very professional and she worked within our budget, and to top it off the flower’ s and all the extra touches were just gorgeous!

Wedding: 09/01/2012

The flowers came out more beautiful than we had hoped. We we’re truly amazed!

Wedding: 05/20/2012
Not only was our wedding beautifully arranged, but it was accomplished just days before Valentines. Karen was extremely professional and turned our wedding into everything we wanted. She is full of great suggestions and helped us keep our floral costs within our budget. Our vision in the floral arrangements was met in every detail.
Wedding: 2+ years ago



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